Borough Market (London Bridge)

These are pictures of Borough Market. Its right near London Bridge and this October it celebrated its 250th anniversary. The section with the colored umbrellas is the organic section, the main part is in an old Victorian pavillion. You can buy nearly everything here including squirrel and shark! The vegetables that are sold each season change obviously --you can see from the pictures that squash is in season now. The animals that are hanging in the pic for sale are rabbit and pheasants --sometimes they even hang deer! I love the smells of this place--there's loads of food stalls selling everything from Kebabs to Wild Boar sausages and today when we went they were selling hot cider. Its always horrendously busy for obvious reasons, but you can get some really good deals on high quality fruit, veg and lots of homemade breads and cakes. Today we bought loads of mushrooms, some organic eggs for a whole 99 pence and a huge homemade loaf of sourdough bread. I love supporting local farmers and its great because when you chat to the sellers you can find out where all the food is grown or made. I think not many people today know where their food comes from which is surprising considering in most under-developed countries they know this and even live with their food (animals, etc). Being informed about simple things like this is important and healthy way to take control over your life. I also believe that food is so much better tasting when you know that there's a story behind it. Anyway--cheers to Good Food!!

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Those are great pictures!