Love these to Pieces!

Although it can be the bain of my existence at times, I love the times where I can indulge in really good food. These are some of my favorite at the moment--ah such sweet memories!
Green & Black's dark chocolate-- made from 70% cocoa. Very sweet and you hardly need any to at all to feed those late night chocolate cravings.

Yes, another Green & Blacks's ---but this really deserves a mention because when you think of how vanilla icecream should be this fulfills every expectation. True Bliss especially with fresh fruit in the summer.

This is a brand started by the Prince of Wales and every bit of profit goes to his charity. Every bit of this is perfect and I really love the tarts and short bread biscuits. Can't have them very often because they are so rich!

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sherrie said...

i love that all of these are organic! good choice, i've gotten into the organic thing big time now that i work for the "organic bath co" go figure, cute blog by the way. i love that you add so much of your own artistic and cultural values in it!