One of the best things about Christmas

One of the best things I like about Christmas is all of the movies that are on. I love a good holiday flick--the sappy endings and how no matter how many times you watch something it still makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Growing up I spent most of my holidays watching the greats. Here are some of my favorites:

Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer--I have no idea how old this is but I love this show and have watched it ever since I was young.

Charlie Brown's Christmas---Who doesn't love this show? I secretly could relate to Charlie Brown and I love this part where they pick out the tree. Even the small straggly pathetic trees deserve a chance!

The Muppet Christmas Carol----I love anything muppet and particularly with this story I think its a fun show to watch every year.

I get choked up every time in the part where they salute the general at the surprise Christmas party. This is an absolute Christmas classic--The Oldies are always the goodies.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation--what can I say it makes me always giggle.

A Christmas Story--haven't seen this in a while but I still remember the boys getting their tongues stuck on the pole!
It's a wonderful Life: One of my favorite all time movies---I always cry at the end without fail and surprisingly enough it consistently makes me appreciate my life and my blessings. I think movies that are the best help you grow and are uplifting--this movie does this and every year you can guarantee I will watch it again and again.


Michelle said...

hi christine - i'm a christmas show freak, too! a lot of these are my favorites. i'm glad i'm not the only one who hasn't grown out of them!

sherrie said...

ok i'm lovin your list of shows...my favorite is "a christmas story" just so hilarious! (i also LOVE the grinch)

christine said...

Sherrie--which Grinch do you like--the cartoon one or the Jim Carrey version? Michelle--I could never grow out of these shows! :0)

sherrie said...

definately like the cartoon better, however i do love the jim carrey version too...it's pretty funny. by the way rudolph is on tv tonight over here YEAH!

enickel said...

Those are some great movies. They really get you into the spirit of Christmas after Thanksgiving is over. Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth C said...

I totally agree! I love all of those shows!! I am now trying to add all of them to my collection, without breaking our budget--I just have to do it a few at a time--I guess!

Angela said...

I totally love these movies-- also Christmas music. I think there is something to the fact that you can only have them once a year, so you never tire of them. I gathered all of our Christmas movies for the kids to watch on our 5 hour trip. It was great!

LucindaF said...

I love that Rudolph movie. All of those with still animation are my favorite. And you can't go wrong with Charlie Brown, and the Christmas story. Looks like we're all freaks Michelle!