Renoir Landscapes 1865-1883

Our errands in Central London today took only a 1/2 an hour so on the spur of the moment we popped into an exhibition we'd been eyeing for a while. For £12 a ticket it was probably the most expensive exhibit we've gone to but James and I joked that we'll eat soup a few extra meals to cover the cost. Even so it was really worth it and was huge--4 rooms of nearly 65 beautiful paintings by Renoir. I was quite impressed with the range of his technique; some typically looked like something you'd get from this painter with his use of light but others looked nothing like they could have come from him. It was neat to see such a huge collection in one place of his work and as all exhibits I've seen it will be something I'll remember for a long time. Here are some of my favorites--ENJOY:

Garden in the Rue Cortot, Montemartre, 1876
This one was my absolute favorite although this picture on here does not do it justice. It had a very grand gold frame (probably worth just as much as the painting) and the flowers just leap out at you--very luminescent and just stunning.

Springtime (in Chatou), about 1875

Woman with a Parasol in a Garden, 1875-6

The Wave, 1879
I liked this one because of the incredible blues in this--I've noticed how Renoir likes bright colors and he uses blue quite a bit. This also made me think of much warmer weather and it made me smile. It's been freezing lately here in London and its supposed to be spring!


Elizabeth C said...

those are such expressive pieces Christine! I love art, thank you for sharing those!!

Carolyn said...

London is such a fantastic place for touristy things like that. I remember many museums from London. I also remember having museum guards following my family with all the little kids (mostly because Kurt was/is quite boisterous) around the whole museum but that's another story... The Renoir exhibit sounds fabulous! I would love to have seen it.

Michelle said...

oh, i am soooo jealous of you! he is my absolute favorite artist and those paintings are simply gorgeous. what a neat way to spend the day!

sherrie said...

what i really like about these is how the landscape is such a great focus and the people fade into the background. especially like woman with a parasol in a garden. the colors are stunning.