London Marathon 2007

Every year London is invaded by thousands aiming to induce pain and suffering upon themselves by running 26.2 miles. This year over 30,000 met the challenge and just as many if not more stood on the sidelines cheering friends and loved ones on. The London Marathon is considered among the great running races in the world right up with the Boston and New York Marathons. This in mind the route is probably the most historical of these where you get to run past the Tower of London, over London Bridge and finishing next to Buckingham Palace. If you live in the city its something that you just have to do and in the end you get the accomplishment of doing an incredible physical feat as well as raising money for charity.
I never used to give a rat's ass about sporting events but then I met my boyfriend James and his family who are avid runners and are incredibly fit and active. I myself have been suckered into nearly a dozen 5 and 10K races now around London since moving here in 2001. As far as the marathon is concerned: James has run it, both his parents have run it and his dad has now done it twice as of today! I am quite impressed because his dad for this year's race nearly raised £5,000 ($10,000) for the charity Leukemia Care which he himself was diagnosed with a year or so back. So well done David!
So the real question is will I do the marathon next? I have to say it is definitely in the works if I can get a place. Hopefully this will happen (I did try to get in this year w/out luck) next year and I can start plodding the pavement in preparation later this year. So cross your fingers and watch this space!
Here are some pics from today:

Its hard to tell where the runners are and the crowd begins! This is in Greenwich and the runners are on the left.
The runners near Big Ben

James' dad David--relieved to be finished!

Happy Earth Day


Good Thought

Greenwich Park--© C. Jolley

“When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one and a lily with the other”

-Chinese Proverb


Happy Easter

Easter in London is always a delight. The weather is better, people are happy (having a 4 day weekend helps) and there's a never ending supply of chocolate eggs to indulge your sorrows. People occassionally give each other presents but mostly its off to Costa Del Sol, Spain or some other European retreat to down gallons of cheap beer. Those of us fortunate to stay in England over Bank Holiday will feast on Sunday on the traditional British garb of hot cross buns with a boiled egg for breakfast with mashed potatoes, roast chicken with some type of veg. (usually asparagus) for Easter dinner after church. Its then a mad dash to some sort of park to walk off the calories with the family!

I do miss the jellybeans and the countless Easter egg hunts in America but celebrating it here is wonderful as well. This time of year is always a sign that the tourists will be soon popping out of every corner and that the warm summer months are nearly here. However this said, I feel truly blessed to see spring and that only a few minutes away I can see ducks, and other birds and smell all of the pollen from the blooming flowers!
Hope you all have a blissful, relaxing Easter weekend.