Knick Knacks and Dinosaurs

Today we had a glorious day out in Central London. Its Bank Holiday weekend (no work on Mon.) and we figured heck lets do something different. So we went to the Natural History Museum and Notting Hill. Never been to this museum before and Notting Hill never when the market on Portobello Road was open.

The building the Natural History Museum is in is incredibly beautiful. It is very Victorian, has stained glass windows, lots of carved animals on the outside and grand wooden floors. The inside was even better. We went to see the Dinosaurs and the ecosystem section. Particularly for the Dinosaurs it was great to see all the little kids so darn excited seeing everything and even some making growling noises. The best part of the entire section was a life-size robotic T-rex and it seemed a bit too real if you know what I mean!

Notting Hill--very posh part of town and incredibly cute. Portobello Market is actually featured in the movie Notting Hill and you can definitely see why as its one of the best markets in the world! It was so much fun to look at all the incredible antiques, the quaint boutiques and smell the outdoor food being cooked for the masses. Things like this is why I love London and don't know how I ever could leave!

(The Natural History Museum)

(Notting Hill)


mollie said...

Great pictures! Wow, the way you talk about London makes me want to come for a visit! I LOVE outdoor markets, they are always the best!

Anjuli Fry said...

I love the market! I wish we had more of those in the US. There is one in seattle but that one looks amazing.

sherrie said...

love this! wish i could've been there with you. especially at notting hill and portobello road. i love antiques and probably would have gone crazy there. sounds like fun is not something you're missing over there in london!

Angela said...

I would love to visit these places! How fun! (Trying not to be jealous...) ;)

Elizabeth C said...

My son would be in HEAVEN at that dinosaur museum!!! He absolutely LOVES anything to do with dinos!! I love the pic of Audrey Hepburn too! She is amazing.