Paris when it Drizzles

J'adore Paris--so much so that James and I go at least once a year minimum. We've been so many times now that we don't spend our time doing the tourist spots anymore and just relax. Sitting in cafe's, running 'round the parks like the locals and eating bloody amazing food is what we like. Don't get me wrong, we still love to grace the top spots occassionally and catch the odd museum but there's not the pressure anymore to get any of it in before leaving.

You could say we were looking forward to this trip for Bank Holiday weekend a bit. We bought the Eurostar tickets in January and booked our hotel in February. We're weird this way I guess as we like to save up as long as we can for things and have things to get excited for when other things in our life are difficult. Its our way of plodding through.

The Eurostar was its usual excellence of amazing food and a really quiet train journey. I love looking out through the windows at the French countryside on the way and not having a care in the world. When we arrived the weather was hot and humid and it was great to be back in the city that feels so much like a second home.

Of course we took advantage of the weather and walked around. Our hotel is near the Notre Dame and on the way to do some shopping and getting icecream at Berthillon (the best place for icecream in like all of France) we stopped by to light a candle and look at the rose windows. The rose windows are one of my favorite things in Paris, so beautiful and humbling at the same time. We did loads of shopping at Sephora, Galeries Layfayette, Comptoir de Famille and L'Oliver and explored the area around our new haunting ground on the left bank. Thank goodness shopping was on our to do lists because the good weather only lasted only that afternoon. It rained a heck of a lot for the remainder of the weekend. Even when it rains though, Paris oozes with romanticsm.

We were limited on places to eat the first day because of the rain but it managed to be bearable enough the next couple of days we could at least get out to some of our favorite restaurants. The second day we went to Aubergine--a place near our old hotel and on the last night we went to Le Comptoir, near our new hotel we switched to this trip. The food at both places can only be described as intense exotic pleasure. You seriously don't think food could taste this good and then they exceed any expectation you may have. Its a complete experience and the crazy thing is that its reasonably priced. My favorite was the grilled salmon & cheese sandwich from Le Comptoir and the Chocolate fondant from Aubergine. Definitely one of the best things about Paris is the food and we try to do our best to eat as well as possible whenever we go.

We never managed to get out for a run due to the rain. Thank goodness the hotel was nice and we could catch up on reading, writing postcards when it was unbearable. Despite the weather, we did get out enough to enjoy ourselves immensly and as usual Paris never is disappointing. I could go on forever about the trip but it was great to get away for a long weekend. I'm always sad at the end of my trips especially leaving Paris cause I never want them to end. However, there will always be next time though and I guarantee you that I'll be brimming with enthusiasm until another trip comes our way.


sherrie said...

how fun! very jealous - have always dreamt of going there. so cool that's it's so close and accessible for you guys.

Anjuli Fry said...

It must be nice to be familer with a vaction place like that and not have to feel like you have to crame in as much as possible while you are there. That is a realy vacation, I bet you come back relaxed!!!

Angela said...

I hate coming back from vacation too! Reality sets in... oh, and a whole lot of laundry. :)