London is one of the best places in the world to shop. Some of the most amazing designers, quaint boutiques and high street shops can be found throughout the city including places like Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Bond Street and around High Street Kensington and Knightsbridge. Its a fashionista's dream to be at the center of such a place home to Burberry, Paul Smith, Top Shop, Hackett and others. Many trends have been born (as well as died) here and its hard to ignore the fact the influence London has had on the world of fashion.

This reason I believe is a huge fact to why so many Londoners dress well. Another reason is I think it must be down to the European thing (Italy in particular--my gosh even the babies wear Dolce and Gabbana!). Most wear suits and ties to work and you will never find people wearing baseball caps and if its T-shirts and Jeans they will look amazing. Never a wasted moment for a chance to make a fashion statement!

The downside to London's world o' fashion is the price and the sizes. Sizes for clothes are rated a lot bigger than in America, for example: A UK size 18 is a US size 14/16. Shoes--I love what they do with shoes because they make you feel like you have tiny feet. In the US, I wear a size 9--here its a 7! Why can't they do that with the regular clothes? Anyway, price-----now this is the hard part. I seriously cannot get away with getting a decent shirt for cheaper than £30 ($60), pants/trousers usually average around £35 ($70). These are the cheaper options as most things are more than this and by the time your looking at entire outfits you're at least set back about £150-200 ($300-400). This would all be great if your job paid well and you are skinny enough to fit into the clothes!!

As you may have guessed, shopping is a bit of pain in the ass for me in London because I don't have an endless supply of money and I'm not yet (still working on it!) a size that is "easily accommodated to." What I would give to be able to walk into a shop and buy something I like and not have to worry about whether it will fit and if it costs more than my monthly grocery bill. I know that I should focus on my triumphs particularly in the weight arena as I've come SOOOOOO far and I'm so much healthier and happier. I also know that self-confidence comes from within yes, but I do think the clothes should help you get there a little as well. In the end all I really want is a chance to be a bit of a 'girl' and be able to get clothes that exemplify the person I am on the inside. Unfortunately we live in a superficial society and although its wrong you are judged by how you look.

Anyway, nuff said on this. Everyone is entitled to a little whinge session and today is my turn. I know that sometime very soon I'll get my weight down even more so I can fit into some of the amazing clothes you can find in London. I'm doing everything possible to make this happen and its just a matter of just smiling, putting one foot in front of each other and plodding along one day at a time.


Angela said...

I would never survive in London! A) I love my sweats! B) I don't like most of the latest fashions. AND C) I don't like to spend a heap of money on a pair of pants/shirt. I too, wish people's insides were what others would see. I'm trying to work on that myself, seeing past the "bum" or not judging the "rich lady."

Elizabeth C said...

Wow! All of that fashion stuff sounds fabulous! I love new clothes (but the expensive stuff sounds crazy!) I would probably just have to window shop a lot there I guess! That is amazing that even the babies dress in Dolce in Italy. Amazing.

sherrie said...

i am a bargain shopper and i like to dress somewhat fashionable. my solution you ask? ROSS. i love that store. too bad they don't have it in london eh? i work with an english girl and she was telling me about how people dress there. nice all the time. nice in theory isn't it? good luck with your shopping!