Rain, Wimbledon & Strawberries with Cream.

I love the weather in England. The weatherman is never right and usually its the exact opposite of everything predicted. As you go through your existence here never "quite" knowing what to expect, you dress in layers and plan for every minor calamity--whether it be rain, snow or mini tornado. We Londoners are resilient this way though and you can rest assured that whenever a spot of rain hits "brollies" of every shape, size and fashion will be popping up everywhere.

Why the sudden fascination with the weather? Well its been raining a lot you could say at the moment here to the point most of the countryside seems to be flooding. Funny enough last summer there was a drought. If only mother nature could figure out a happy medium so that there would be plenty of water but still enough sun to work in the occassional BBQ. Maybe she didn't get the memo eh? Anyway, whilst I'll never seem to understand the British weather it sure gives me an excuse to catch up on watching movies under nice warm duvets. I've managed to fulfill my duty in this area nicely recently, favorite recents: Last King of Scotland and The Queen.

On another note I do have to say the rain this time of year also means its time for Wimbledon which started a few days ago and goes for two weeks. Have been a couple times now but don't know if I'm up for the journey all the way out to SW19 (SouthWest London) this year or in the mood for strawberries and cream*. We shall just have to wait and see how the weather holds up. Unfortunately, this year I may only make it as far as watching it on t.v. with my duvet!

* Its a tradition at Wimbledon going back like a LONG TIME to have strawberries and cream whilst watching the tennis. English strawberries are very much in season at the moment and its just another excuse for people to be posh at a 'social event' like Wimbledon. They charge a fortune for them at about £3.50/$7 a pop but it really is the thing to do when you go.


sherrie said...

hey strawberries and cream. better than what they offer here at our games. hot dogs. now that's healthy.

so it's been raining a lot? so when is it suppose to be sunny over there? i've always loved how every place in england ends with a "shire". i wish they would've brought that over here. it's so fun to say. "californiashire"

it's so funny that i'm totally opposite over here. i'm stripping off clothes just to breath and throwing blankets in the closet.

Angela said...

We seen our share of rain here, but for some reason, I am enjoying it. Probably because it means I don't have to water the lawn for a few days. LOL!

Celestia said...

mmmmmmmmmm strawberries my favorite. We're going to buy some fresh ones from Olympia in the next couple weeks. I have the same "You on a diet" book! It is really awesome. One of the doctors is Turkish. Mehmet Oz. He is on Oprah all the time. They have some really good doctors in Turkey and not too expensive either. Anyway a lot of the stuff in there is a Mediterranean diet like Fatih grew up eating, so I am really excited to finish my book and get started!