I LOVE..........

I started doing yoga about two years ago and I love it. It clears my mind, heals the soul and absolutely kicks my butt physically. I had a lot of misconceptions about the practice before I started--that you do a lot of chanting 'om' and its 'just' stretching and is 'not really much of a workout'. Boy was I wrong--sure you can chant if you want (most mainstream classes don't do this actually) but its so much more. Its whatever you want it to be really.
Its amazing how much emotion imprints itself on our bodies--the stress, the fears or even a lack of self-esteem. Well-yoga releases this in a way that other exercise doesn't through stretching, deep breathing and a variety of poses and sequences. It utilizes one of those things that you hear a lot about--the mind, body and spirit connection that is so often forgot in our busy lifestyles.
The last few months I've gotten the courage to go to more yoga classes (I used to do mostly dvd's). Its amazing how much I see the improvement being able to physically do things I never could. Its so rewarding knowing that I am getting stronger every day and that I am getting the self-esteem and courage to try more difficult positions. The physical benefits are obvious as I've dropped nearly 4 dress sizes (and still going). The other benefits- emotionally, spiritually and mentally are there too. I am a lot more calm, have a lot more self-esteem, am more centered and I feel like I am finally beginning to heal from a difficult youth.
So this is one thing I love and that is a big part of my life. I am so grateful that I discovered this and look forward to growing and improving in my practice in the future.


sherrie said...

my boss teaches yoga on the side and has given me some books on it. i've been meaning to start it for awhile now. i'm glad it is working for you. sounds like you've have great sucess. i know it's good for you and although some people think it's weird or granolaish, i say if you haven't tried it you can't knock it. ;)

Elizabeth C said...

Yoga is soo awesome! I love it too, and I love pilates! So much fun!

Angela said...

I love Yoga too but I agree that it is a total bum kicker!!