Best of London

Not much is new in our lives at the moment so I thought I'd give my two cents about what I believe is the best of London. A lot of these are my favorite places, things to do,etc and I'm sure nearly every Londoner will give you a different answer for each. This is what is so great about the city--so many options for every type of personality. The list could go on and on but here are just a few:


place to eat out on a budget- Carluccio's in Canary Wharf

place to buy groceries- Waitrose

park- Greenwich

au natural smoothies- Crussh

museum to get lost in- Victoria & Albert

overall shopping experience- Selfridges

shopping for everything
including the kitchen sink- John Lewis

Clothes shop- Zara

art- National Gallery

food market- Borough Market-London bridge

crafts/outdoor market- Greenwich

place to watch movies- The Empire in Leicester Square

place to make fun of tourists- The tube (subway)

View of the city- Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Ice-cream- Movenpick/Green & Blacks

Cultural Experience- A play on the West End

place to hear a concert- Royal Albert Hall

Touristy Spot- Covent Garden

Place for a cup of tea- Organic Cafe, Greenwich

Thing to do on a Sunday morning- Walk through Blackheath Common to Greenwich Park

place for peace and quiet- Greenwich Park on a weekday morning


sherrie said...

if i ever make it over there i'll have to hit some of these spots for sure. sounds like there is a lot to do there.

Michelle said...

i am copying and pasting this list in my files to save for when i get back out there!! what a fun place to live.

LucindaF said...

We just barely got Green and Blacks ice cream in our stores, and I tried the dark chocolate and the white chocolate with strawberries. They were both VERY good for organic, infact, I wouldn't have even guessed they were.

I've never lived in a touristy place, I bet it would be fun to people watch.

enickel said...

Ya, those funny Americans must me hilarious to watch. Do you ever plan on moving back to The States, or is England home now?

christine said...

At least at the moment--England is home now. That may change in the future but in the mean time I'm enjoying myself whilst I'm here.