The Muppets

The weather has been rubbish this weekend so we've been stuck inside watching dvd's. We recently got the second season of the Muppets on DVD and have been enjoying reliving the episodes from our childhood. I adore the Muppets and wish that they'd come back to television to bring some sort of quality to what's on nowdays. There's something about them that just brings a smile to your face and after a while you forget you're watching puppets or barnyard animals. What I remember most is the musical numbers (this and 'Pigs in Space'---total classic) thus the clip. My favorite characters were Kermit, Gonzo and Animal. I'd be interested if any of you loved the Muppet Show as much as I did and if so what were your favorite parts? Anyway--I hear the Swedish Chef calling. Enjoy the clip.


Anonymous said...

I use to LOVE the muppets. There are some quality shows for kids though. My current favorite is Super Why on PBS. It is new this season and great for kids learning to read! I just recently watched an episode of The Cosby Show with my kids and it was the best! Our weather has been like yours, but Thanksgiving looks like it will be sunny. I can't wait to see some blue skies. -Erika

sherrie said...

how did i miss this post? anyway i loved the muppets too. my favs were fozzie, animal and gonzo. i always felt sorry for fozzie when the audience would throw tomatoes at him, but then animal would jam on his drums and i'd feel better. gonzo was fun with all his little chickens. good stuff!