Feeling Rough

The last few days have been pretty rough to deal with. I had a laparoscopy on Monday and have not felt very peachy since to say the least. If any of you have ever had abdominal surgery you know what I'm talking about and how painful it can be. You have no concept on how much you use your abs until you can't use them anymore and the biggest accomplishment of the day is being able to pee semi-normally. The stomach area has so many organs including your diaphram and its crazy how a couple of little incisions and swelling can mess with these as well as your entire system. My stomach feels like a bruised balloon and looks like one too.

The worst part of this is that the surgery has provided absolutely no answers to health problems I've been having this past year. The doctors don't know what's wrong with me. I have been waiting for the longest time for this surgery and to be told this is emotionally difficult to say the least. I am back to square one and I feel like all this pain I'm going through is for nothing. I've been pretty down and discouraged the last few days and have been such a wreck in the emotions department. I am just thankful for James who has helped me do stupid things like tying my shoes or getting dressed and listening to me cry my eyes out. He must really love me to do this kind of stuff for me.

May be off to France for the weekend to get my mind off of things. James wants to take me there to help with my recovery and lift my spirits. I am a bit reluctant cause it takes me twice as long to move and I can't wear much besides really really loose sweats. I feel like a big bruise too and being out in public will only raise these feelings. I don't know though, I'll have to give it a thought cause it may do me some good. If I do go--I'll try to post pictures of course.

Anyway, my bed is beckoning me at the moment. Its amazing how little things like getting on the computer tire me out so much now.

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Michelle said...

ah christine, i am so sorry. that just sounds like the worst, especially considering you did not get the answers you were looking for.

take heart, though, at least this has eliminated some of the possible causes of your illness and is narrowing down the possibilities.

i think a trip to france sounds like the perfect getaway. and who doesn't like to travel in sweats? :)

hope you get to feeling better soon.