Our Health Kick

James and I are totally into Crussh juice bars and have been for a while. We love their super smoothies with extra added boosters and we get their wheatgrass shots on the side. I reckon we end up spending close to £50/$100 a month just on our trips here. Its great to find a place where the smoothies are actually healthy and use real fruit and frozen yogurt not just fruit juice made from concentrate. Its a great way to get your 5 fruits/veg a day in. Just this week as we both weren't well, we went like three times and got their Echinacea and Spirulina boosters and we now feel right as rain. Wheatgrass shots are disgusting (tastes like grass!), but nothing beats it as one shot = 1 1/2 pounds of green leafy vegetables and its a great antioxidant. Anyway, I usually try not to 'plug' things on here but our trips here are very much part of our daily life!


Jimmy P said...

Grr wheat grass, it takes soo much getting used to, but in the end it is amazing for your body and instant energy. It really helps your liver out so much and the liver is the main purifier of the body to help everything else!!!!

Gives you a real energy boost and love it now!

Elizabeth C said...

MMMM Yummy! I absolutely agree with you on Smoothies!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! YUM!

Joy said...

I'm a smoothie fan myself, but am not sure if I can swallow wheatgrass :D

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