A Favorite Pastime

Was in a book-shop yesterday in Greenwich buying Oprah's last book club pick, "A New Earth" and I realized how much time in London I spend in book shops. Book shops are like candy stores to me, I have a hard time going in and not buying something. I'm always eyeing books up and planning my reading lists 3-4 books in advance. I get frustrated because there's so many I want to read and sometimes I end up reading two at a time having one for during the week and one for weekends or before bed. I find book shops oddly comforting at times too. Books can be great escapes, full of 'knowledge' and new ideas or even become oddly like friends in that you find others (characters) to relate to who are going through the same thoughts/feelings or experiences that you have. So sometimes I like to go into Waterstone's, the big bookshop in Greenwich and collapse in their big squishy sofa's just to be around all this, switch off and flip through some new find I've just discovered in the stacks. Call me a nerd, but I love it.

I didn't used to love books and it wasn't until I moved here that I really started getting into reading. London is a very 'literate' city. EVERYONE is reading something on the tube (subway) or trains in the morning--whether it be the free morning paper, the Metro or Danielle Steele's new romance novel, its hard to find someone who doesn't read on their daily commute. James is huge on reading too and funny enough was told as a kid that he should avoid too much reading cause he is dyslexic. I wonder what all these people would think now given the fact he has read most of the HUGE classics including most modern Russian works. So, I guess the influence of James and London life has made me into a book nerd. Its one 'habit' though I'm glad I've picked up.

Anyway, if you want to know what I am reading at the moment or have read, be sure to check out my side-bar. I'm reading 'Alice in Wonderland' now, but have the Classic, 'Lady Chatterly's Lover' and of course 'The New Earth' up too on the docket. This is of course until I find some other book to add to my list!!


sherrie said...

you're not alone. i'm definitely a book nerd too and i wouldn't have it any other way either. it's so much more rewarding to sit down and get wrapped up in a great book than to watch tv - although i do that too ;)

Michelle said...

thanks for listing all of your books - i used to be a great reader but i don't make enough time for it now! i'm always interested in reading others' book reports - i guess you could say i'm a cliffs notes reader that way!

Bridget said...

I too an am American Expat living in London (actually Surrey but to the folks back home that's London). I found your blog on the Expat Blog site and was wondering if you had any "English" books to recommend besides Atonement. Just wanting to enjoy the English vibe while we're here.

Anonymous said...

Books! I used to tell my daughter Jennifer, "Books are our friends!" I still think that. The world needs people who care about good books. And, as an author (no complele books published yet, just poems and articles), I love people who are bookish! You go, Girl! (And what an awesome list you've got posted here! I'm going to have some work to keep up with you!)