Relaxation à Paris

So, I did it. I dragged my ass out of the depths of despair and tried to forget how horrible I felt and somehow got to Paris in one piece. James had went out a little earlier than I did (long story), so after a taxi ride through London and a two and a half hour train journey on the Eurostar (thank goodness for first class), you could say I was happy to have James waiting for me on the other end at the Gare du Nord.

The weekend was both a success and a real challenge which I guess is to be expected. The success parts were I managed to get out a bit in my most favorite city in the entire world, eat amazing food (including the best burger & chips I've EVER tasted in my entire life) , do a tiny bit of shopping and sleep nearly all of Sunday in a great hotel in one of the coolest parts of Paris, the left bank. Most of the weekend consisted of sticking round the hotel due to personal physical limitations (LOTS of café stops) although on Saturday I did make it to Montmartre because I was seriously craving a chocolate & banana crêpe. (A girls gotta have her chocolate) It was also a huge issue with me not feeling like a complete twat about how I looked. Although my stomach is shrinking (as well as turning nice lovely colors), I felt like a bloated pregnant woman all weekend. As mentioned below I can't fit into much besides sweats so when it came to eating out in the most fashionable city in the the world, it didn't feel too hot or sociable and I wanted to crawl in a very, very deep hole. In the end although I suffered from post-op blues, I did manage to survive. Although I am far from fully recovered physically or emotionally, I do think the weekend helped a lot to not only lift my spirits but to give me that boost in the right direction to normal life again.

I didn't take many pictures cause frankly I couldn't be bothered due to how I felt. But, I couldn't go to one of the best places in the world and not sneak at least a couple so here goes:

Le Sacré-Coeur - great place for musicians and for a view over the city

View over Paris

Paris sunset


Michelle said...

oh, christine! i am so glad you got away! your pictures literally took my breath away. i simply CANNOT wait to get back there. i'm sorry that you were not your 100% self, but it sounds like you were glad you got there! hope you recover fully soon!

sherrie said...

now that's what i call recovering in style! i wish i could've had a weekend in paris after my surgery! but i know exactly how you must have been feeling cause i was there. it gets better!!! keep your head up.

Jess said...

Hope you feel better soon! It really stinks to have surgery, but I'm sure Paris helps the recovery a tad. The pics are absolutely beautiful.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful pictures! How fun that you were able to just 'jump on over' to Paris. :)

Kristine said...

how are you feeling? so jealous of this trip. so completely jealous.