Switching Off

Recovery is going slowly, but each day I'm feeling so much better and getting lots more energy to do normal stuff like cleaning the house and applying for jobs and going for long, long walks. I was so happy yesterday because I noticed how much I am looking less and less like a purple basketball. I am thinking sometime this week, early next I may fit into normal clothes again! Woo hoo!

In the mean time--spring is in the air which totally has helped my spirits. Although this is some random picture, the weather I kid you not looked pretty much like this all weekend:

Besides getting outside for a few hours to enjoy the above (hello, who wouldn't?), we went to the movies. Movies are my new best friend at the moment. They are so great for switching off and they are great for when you are trying to recover. The best parts of actually going out to the cinema are no one looks at you, you get to sit in the dark and you are sitting down. What better place to go when you are trying to feel better huh?

Anyway, saw this flick this weekend and loved it. Its pretty clean only a PG-13/12A and if you want a good giggle, go see it:


sherrie said...

good to see you're getting out and doing stuff already. i like that actor - he was the hilarious george michael on arrested development. i'll have to rent it now.

Jenny said...


I haven't been on the blog for awhile, I didn't realize ylou have had your surger. I hope you recovery quickly. It's so hard when you can't do the things you are used to doing. I am so jealous you went to Paris. I'm glad James takes good care of you! xoxoxo Jenny

enickel said...

I have been meaning to see that. Marshall and I just saw Stardust and loved it.