Marathon Withdrawal

Very, very difficult day as we've both had to withdraw from the London Marathon this afternoon. Basically the last two weeks pain caused by health problems I've had the last year has acted up a lot recently which has irritated the nerves and muscles in one of my legs. I can run for just over two hours, nearly 10 miles before I get the most gosh awful, excrutiating, horrible, horrible shooting pains and am unable to continue and have difficulty even walking. I have tried to rest for a day and then try again but to no avail--every time I get pain about the same marker in the route. It wouldn't be that big of a deal except the fact with marathon training---you MUST do regular 15+ mile runs at about a month before ( you then decrease your mileage) otherwise you could seriously, seriously risk your safety.

I went to a physiotherapist today to see if I could do a last minute fix and she pretty much laughed at me when I asked her if I could run this race. I've apparently managed to severely pull one of my hamstrings and will have to be on ice & pain killer duty for the next couple of days as I'm really hurting and my leg is pretty swollen. I assume the injury is due to running on an already sore & weak leg. Serves me right I guess.

This was NOT an easy decision and you have to go through a big hoopla in withdrawing filling in masses and masses of paperwork. Not to mention the fact that we've disappointed a charity that means a lot to us as relatives currently have Leukaemia. We may have been able to pull through this injury & obstacle but not a month before as unfortunately time is just too critical at this point.

I blame myself and think maybe all of this is my bodies way of saying this is WAY too much to do after a surgery. I have to give at least myself a little credit for trying very hard to complete this and for getting soooo far not even two months afterwards. This is not the last time I will apply to do a marathon, but maybe its just not the right time I guess. Maybe next year or even one after? Everything in its proper place & learning to accept the things I cannot change is what I've taken from this situation. Its amazing how much you can grow from even your biggest obstacles.

Anyway, until then in the mean time I'm going to focus on all I can handle at the moment which is HEALING and indulging myself in mini-chocolate easter eggs!


Michelle said...

oh, christine, i'm so sorry. it sounds like you have a great attitude about the whole thing, though. you've got a great life ahead of you!

sherrie said...

i admire your determination! sorry it didn't work out for you this year, i'm sure you'll be back and ready to run next year.

enickel said...

2 hours of running!!??!! That alone is just mind boggeling to me. You are a champ.