Thoughts on Acceptance

This phrase has come to mean a lot to me recently and I think its such a wonderful & powerful prayer/mantra. What I know for sure is that acceptance of the moment/the now and situations out of your control can be so difficult sometimes. But doing all you can and then letting God/the universe pick up the slack can bring so much peace. I forget this principle a lot, but I just do my best which is all I can do . In a way its not really the end result that matters but the process getting there right?

Your thoughts, Comments?



It's the journey, not the destination that counts

sherrie said...

i've always thought about this same thing. it's the experiences that we have that make us who we are. some things we can't change but it's how we live our lives that matters the most.

Anonymous said...

exactly. That is all you can do - is your best.

I love the quote! :)

Michelle said...

yes, i love this quote as well. it is so comforting.

Angela said...

I love this quote too!! Bad things are going to happen to everyone, but I really think the difference is our attitude about these challenges. We can let it overcome our lives or we can try our best to learn from it, be positive, and move on. Great post! :)