Vanity Fair at the N.P.G.

Photography is one skill I covet greatly. I'm a fan of many, many photographers but particularly have been keen about Annie Leibovitz and Mario Testino for a while and these names are quite synonymous with the magazine Vanity Fair. I admit I frequently buy copies of Vanity Fair just to see the pictures and love how they not only do the 'greats' of Hollywood but other prominent figures in all walks of society. So when the National Portrait Gallery decided to have a '100 years of Vanity Fair' exhibition, I decided I just had to go. The pictures- well worth it and of course its made me covet being able to take great pictures even more. Everything in due time I guess, but until then I can salivate the fantistic photos I got to see including:

Cary Grant
(Hoyningen-Huene, 1934)

Doesn't he look like George Clooney?

Connery & Caine
(O'Neill, 1998)

Julia Roberts
(H. Ritts, 1993)

Gloria Swanson
(Steichen, 1924)

Legends of Hollywood, Cover Vanity Fair
(Annie Leibovitz, 2001)

Fairbanks & Crawford
(Muray, 1929)


Elizabeth C said...

These are great pictures. Very artsy.

Michelle said...

these are fabulous. i'll bet they're even more fabulous when you see them in person :).

enickel said...

What a great day out! I would have loved to see these photos up close and personal. You are so smart to get out there and soak up the life around you.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE to gaze at good - well taken Photography! It inspires me.

Lovely choices. Well done.


sherrie said...

i love the one of julia roberts and fairbanks & crawford - makes me miss southern cali. these are great. i love the black and white.

christine said...

Actually the Roberts and Crawford & Fairbanks one are my favorites as well. I just love Joan Crawford's pose and the whole 'line' of the picture. Julia Roberts' picture--the dress brings so much texture to everything.

One Love Photo said...

A very beautiful selection of images. Some of these have influenced me greatly!

Carly said...

what a great event...so jealous that you got to go!