bag tag

the contents of my bag are not as nearly as exciting as my friend Sherrie's, but i thought i'd do a show and tell anyway.

1. keys - notice the long old style one, a lot of houses/apartments have this style of lock--very cool cause you don't see this in america. you can't see it very well but i've got a points card for our local grocery store tesco and a hawaii 'sunset' (never been *sigh*, given to me by my sister) on my key ring.

2. body shop lotion- a girls gotta have soft hands.

3. mobile phone- usually not in my bag, but for some reason it was today.

4. pen- james got me into this habit, don't ask me why.

5. oyster card- can't travel in london without it.

6. maxi pad- yes i'm being brave by showing this and no it's not that 'time' but i never leave home without at least one hidden away in the deepest depths of my hand bag.

7. receipts for waterstones book store and toni and guy {hair}---tells you where my priorities are huh?

8. crussh loyalty card- one of about 12 we have lying around as we gotta have our smoothies and wheat grass.

9. body shop lip gloss- i love body Shop can you tell? i can't leave home without at least a couple of these babies cause i'm always loosing them!

10. money- i never have much money on me so i thought I'd show it off as its a rare occasion. A whole £35 {$70} is there. i feel so rich!

11. my wallet- very hard wearing, bought it in switzerland actually.

12. panadol---pain reliever, long story but a must have when i am away from home.

13. umbrella or 'brolley' as the call it here- its london what do you expect? can't fit it in this bag but we always have one on us so thought i'd include it in my shot.

14. my 'every day' bag--by 'fat face' {like it matters} but love it because it fits with my personality. have other bags for other occasions too {can't believe i'm admitting this cause it makes me sound like such a girl!}.

i tag anyone who is bored enough at the moment to take a picture of what's in their bag and post it on the world wide web. it can actually be quite liberating if your willing to admit the contents. with this in mind-i'd like to see any blokes/guys do this with their wallets---they wouldn't have the guts!


Michelle said...

how fun to read! you're one stylin' chick.

Jess said...

I'm not as brave to let everyone see the inside of my purse...it can be pretty scary! I would probably get teased for all the things I carry around and I don't have the excuse of being a mom, yet!

sherrie said...

i like your wallet.