i am grateful ....

for 1 rapid response paramedic.
for 2 london ambulence paramedics.
for claire (?) in the back of the ambulence chatting .
for james holding my hand.
for being seen so quickly.
for the 2 injections which hurt like hell but made it stop.
for the nurse that checked on me often.
for Dr Kate (?) making me laugh.
for the fact that she looked 18 and i didn't care.
for the 2 bags of happy juice/iv that made the world stop spinning.

for getting my own room with purple walls.
for being seen by a doctor at 2 & 6 a.m.
for the lady in the room next door with determination of not sleeping.
for the buzzer that produces a nurse asking 'how can I help you'.
for the feeling of being able to eat food again.
for the nice nurse with the nose ring bringing me drugs.
for another bag of happy juice/iv which helped me pass the time.
for sally jesse raphael.
for warm ravioli and yogurt.
for the chance to stare for hours at the purple walls.
for james visiting and trying to get the snooker scores.

for 2 doctors telling me i could go home.
for the nice nurse w/the nose ring telling me to put my feet up at home & waving goodbye.
for the fact i am ok now--just a bit sore.
for the peace of mind knowing that all the above was completely FREE of charge.
for a brand new day.


Michelle said...

oh my gosh! what happened to you?! i'm so glad you are okay...

christine said...

Michelle, thanks for your well wishes. I am totally fine now, just being lazy today and watching Oprah. :)Sunday and Monday were quite dramatic but I had nothing really SERIOUSLY life threatening otherwise they wouldn't have released me in such short time. I don't really want to divulge a bazillion details of exactly what I had via the world wide web for privacy reasons. If you are uber curious though, e-mail me and I'll let you know exactly what happened. Don't worry though--no blood & guts involved. :)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you're doing fine now. I will be emailing you myself. I am curious to know.

Aside from the fact that you were in pain and had to be rushed to the hospital - this post was BRILLIANTLY written! Well done!


Jenny G. said...

Christine, I hope you are feeling better and all is well! I am glad you have James there to be with you and take care of you! You take care okay!!!!

Anonymous said...

pretty much the definition of a fabulous blog. glad you are doing well and were able to stay so positive through whatever it was you had :]

Jess said...

Christine! I'm glad you are doing better. Going to the hospital is no fun, especially when you have to get there in an ambulance. It is nice that you see the positive side to it, because I know I struggle with that from my last trip. I wasn't pretty negative about it and continue to be when the bills come in. It is amazing how expensive a 5-hour hospital stay can be, especially when it was on a few tests, exam & some "happy fluids". Thank goodness you have a man to take care of you too!

sherrie said...

glad you are doing better! one can never underestimate the power of happy juice. (in my case it was morphine). the best thing about all of this is that you are ok and that your little trip was FREE. gotta love that!

enickel said...

Wow, what an eventful weekend! I am happy to hear that you are feeling better now and you obviously have a good excuse to lay around and pamper yourself!

Carly said...

Hope you are feeling better, and that you are still relaxing. I am thankful that you are okay and also that you are thankful for Sally Jessie Rafael.