Weekend in Rome

Its not suprising that Rome and the word 'bellisimo' should go in the same sentence. Even if you have been previously as we have, each time you visit its a true feast of all the senses. There's so much to see, to eat and to listen to it can be a bit mind boggling.

I could tell you absolutely everything about my trip but that would take the fun out of it. I will give you a little taster of the best and worst of the weekend but then I would encourage you to go and discover this incredible city for yourself. So here goes:

  • Casa Howard- I usually don't talk too much about hotels, but this one was a true find. At only 200 Euros a night which is a steal in Europe it was worth every penny. Fabulously decorated, incredibly 'homey', amazing breakfasts brought direct to your room (freshly squeezed juice, fresh fruit and warm croissants & toasts) and a great central location (only a few steps from the Spanish Steps & the Trevi Fountain). We hear they have a guesthouse in Florence and we loved our stay so much here in Rome, we're going to check this place in Florence out as well.
  • Food Glorious Food- I think we both ate our own weight in gelato because the icecream is so divine. Giolotti's is apparently has the best icecream in the city and luckily our hotel was just around the corner. We also managed to have 'true Roman' pizza at Da Baffetto. The pizza is amazing and made in a wood burning stove right before your eyes. The people that work there make the entire experience what it is. It was kind of like a cross between an episode of Seinfeld (the soup natzi), Giovanni the pizza owner from 'Everybody loves Raymond' and an episode of the Soprano's rolled into one. Show up at 6:30 p.m. for dinner or you'll end up lining up outside waiting for a table---its that good!
  • Trevi Fountain- I've been lucky to see some pretty beautiful things in my life, but this fountain will take your breath away. Its magnificent, tranquil and absolutely awe-inspiring. It was my absolute favorite this weekend. Legend has it if you throw a coin in this fountain, you are destined to return to Rome. ( I threw in about 12!!!)
  • La Bocca della Verita (aka 'the mouth of truth')- Everyone who has seen Roman holiday knows the scene where Gregory Peck puts his hand in the mouth of truth. I didn't get to see this last time I was in Rome, but we managed to find it this weekend! Its in a quiet little church next to the Circus Maximus (old horse racing grounds). Very beautiful!
  • Humidity- It was SOOOOOOOO hot!
  • The Crowds- Note to whoever wants to visit this city, between Easter and August avoid unless you want to be stuck behind a large tour group with matching hats. We managed to get round this by getting up very early to take pictures.
  • The walking- On holidays we walk absolutely everywhere. But after two full days of walking 7-8 hours a day around Rome, we were completely knackered!

Here's some pictures---If you want to see more I've got some on Flickr too.


Anonymous said...

WOW! That trip looks AMAZING!

The pictures look like they are straight out of a text book - so surreal that YOU where there!

How FUN! :)

sherrie said...

you know i'm lovin' the mouth of truth. that's awesome. were you able to stick your hand in it?

what an amazing trip you had. i can only imagine. great pictures too.

christine said...

You could stick your hand in if you wanted. I didn't cause there was a group of about 50 Japanese tourists who were before me in line to take pictures that kept posing like this so it sorta ruined it. That and the mouth is turning black cause of oil from everyone's hands. Its in such a small beautiful random church in the center of Rome--very very cool. Did you know they think it used to be some random drain pipe? It was weird learning this bit of history. Anyway---it was one of my very favorite moments of the trip. This and of course--the gelato. :) My mouth is completely going through gelato withdrawals at the moment---soooooooooooo good and completely miss it. I'd totally go back tomorrow JUST for the icecream :)

christine said...
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Petulia said...

I am glad you enjoyed Casa Howard. Living in Rome I can tell you it is one of the best hotels in town. I am not sure you know about it, but they have a place in Florence as well. Equally nice. (http://blog.contexttravel.com/casa-howard-stylish-guest-house-in-the-center/)