photo rebel

i'm really resisting at the moment having to listen to pre-pubescant musicians from across the country perform endless interpretations of 'titanic' and who give a new meaning to 'in tune' {thank goodness i'm paid for this pleasure}, so i decided i would treat you to my newly discovered work distraction: flickr mosaics. the above are random photos i've taken over the years.

off to yoga soon which i'm certain will give me at least a bit of 'zen' or inner harmony to get through a few more hours of performances. at least due to statistics i'm destined to hear at least a little inspiring music every now and then. although i do have a confession and admit i secretly enjoy doing this even if its only temporary. heck-without those painful to hear, the truly excellent wouldn't sound half as sweet.

have a good weekend.


sherrie said...

i love looking at your pictures and all the adventures you go on. they get better and better.

christine said...

thanks Sherrie, I'm really starting to get into photography actually. :)

enickel said...

You are very good at it and Sherrie would know!

What is your job exactly? You would hate to hear me sing, but then again, your next performer would sound excellent!

christine said...


I'm marking performance exams at home for kids across the country.