picnic with diana krall

i am so incredibly excited as we've booked tickets to see diana krall, {one of the coolest jazz vocalists on the planet} for early aug. the best part is its up on hampstead heath which has beautiful views of london and you can enjoy the evening with a pre-concert picnic from one of our favorite restaurants carluccio's. i know its a couple of months away but i'm really looking forward to good music, good views, good food and good company {james}. we don't do nearly enough concerts like this and that's why it will be such an amazing treat for this summer!


enickel said...

Enjoy your adult time. Those blueberries look delicious in your previous post. My kids and I love them too.

sherrie said...

sounds like a fun evening planned. i love getting out and hearing great music with great food. can't be beat.

Carly said...

Oliver listens to her stuff non-stop. That will be awesome.