communing with nature: one cup at a time



-4-6 handfuls of brightly colored twigs, nuts or weird woodsy looking things and a few flowers to make it pretty.

{you can either venture out into the woods yourself or if you frankly can't be bothered order them from your local friendly herbalist}


step 1: put everything in a pot making sure that you take time to breathe deeply to take in the glorious aroma of nature.

step 2: soak for 3-5 minutes to make your twigs & branches as mushy as possible.
step 3: bring to boil & simmer for 40 minutes till it looks like soup & strain/drain off liquid.


step 4: boil again {heck why not?} & strain/drain off liquid.
step 5: ignore partner who by this time is laughing their head off.
step 6: keep refrigerated till needed, drink twice a day {re-heated} and have something close by {like chocolate} to drown the taste.
step 7: do a nice table setting to make everything seem fabulous {denial is a great thing}.

strange woodsy stuff turns into a cup of tea!

serves 1, in 4-5 weeks time you'll either feel better/amazing or start growing chest hair.


Rebecca said...

WOAH, I don't know if I could do that - but it sure looks pretty & fun!!! :)

Jess said...

You are a brave woman! I would rather not risk the chance of getting chest hairs, so I leave the nature drinks to you...let us know how it goes.

Carly said...

wait...what? what are the benefits from doing this?