new discovery

Joseph Pilates at age 77- (Photo taken from borderpilates.com)

i've recently discovered in the last few weeks a lovely exercise called pilates. i know its been like around forever, but i'm slow to catch on what can i say? anyway-it has a lot of the same movements from yoga, but it really, really strengthens your core muscles {those pesky abs}. i've been seriously hurting in muscles that i never knew existed after just a few classes and i've heard it will just suck the fat off of you. no worries i'm not leaving yoga behind as its my favorite but i've now adopted both {as well as doing running & weights too *sigh*}. i'm hoping that this combo of everything plus my uber healthy diet will eventually loose this last 40-50 lbs on me that just seems to be cemented on. if not, well i'll cross that bridge when i come to it i guess.


sherrie said...

i've heard good things about pilates...i'll have to look into them. i hope they work for you.

Jess said...

I heart pilates. I knew exactly who it was when I saw the picture. I hope you will continue to enjoy it and see some results.