the present moment

i have been reading deepak chopra's book, "the seven spiritual laws of success" recently and this passage really resonated with me and i thought the photos were fitting with it too:

"if you stop fighting and resisting-
you will fully experience the present, which is a gift.
someone once told me,
"the past is history, the future is a mystery,
and this moment is a gift.
that is why this moment is called
'the present'."


sherrie said...

love that collage...definitely flickr ;) i like the play on the word present.

christine said...

I'm really into Flickr collages, they are so much fun!!

enickel said...

I like the "present" thought. Right now feels like a gift in my life, but it isn't always like that.

Rebecca said...

Hey- I LOVE the new banner!!! :)

I enjoy the pictures in this post as well - did you take those photos?

Deepak Chopra is a GREAT read and I enjoy all his books.

christine said...

Thanks Rebecca. Hey what other books do you like of Chopra's? I'd love to read more of his stuff.