trust issues

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so-i'm having serious trust issues lately. no its not with james, but little old me. trusting that things will work out in the many areas of my life at the moment that seem so consistently chaotic & unsettled. trusting myself to embrace each day in its uncertainty and trusting that when you give up this 'resistance' everything generally falls into place. maybe i'm addicted to fear and resistance because its safe-i don't know. i think part of me is i guess because this is what i've known for so long. what i do know for sure though is that i'm going to do the best i can each day to overcome my lack of trust in the unknown. who know's- i may begin to discover how much fun this lack of knowing really can be.


Rebecca said...

I have found giving myself 20 min a day to do absolutely NOTHING and just lay on my bed and close my eyes has helped clear my mind of irrational thoughts and trivial worries.

I think what you said is absolutely true. ["who know's- i may begin to discover how much fun this lack of knowing really can be."]

Angela said...

Great post. Many times, I find myself letting my fears control me and then I have to talk myself out of it. Fear is so natural in me. I just have to work against it.

enickel said...

I am one who needs stability and order. If things are up in the air, I don't function very well. I don't like the "unknown" and it doesn't sound fun to me at all. But, if you can make it fun, good for you! Hang in there!

Jess said...

First off, love the bowl. I have that artist marked as a fav! Second, when it comes to trust I find myself not always putting my trust in the right things. Then I am humbled and usually on my knees, before I figure out that I need to put more trust in the Lord. Not knowing what will happen is not fun, but I like your new outlook. I think I have to do the same thing!