Vision Board

james and i were so inspired recently by an episode of oprah that we decided we would do our own 'vision' board. its full of our hopes, goals and aspirations and what we want our life to consist of & to work towards. we've hung it up in our kitchen as inspiration and to remind us to think positive and to never give up on our dreams. they say if you think it, it will come.

anyway, if you double click on the picture you may be able to see it better as my camera wouldn't cooperate with me today.


Michelle S said...

what a fabulous idea! i love it.

thank you so much for your kind birthday wishes...i look up to you in so many ways, too!! thank goodness for blogging, for putting us all back in touch :).

Alda said...

What a fantastic idea!

Carly said...

Love this. I need to do one too.

Jess said...

I love collages! Your's is fabulous. I'm such a visual person, so it always helps when I have friendly reminders right in front of my face of my hopes, dreams & inspirations! Great idea.