food on the mind

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i managed to do something fabulous to my back this weekend. i pulled something somehow that has triggered/inflamed other aches & pains that i've been dealing with for the last year & a 1/2. i've been feeling under the weather the last few days trying to get the pain to go away & have been seriously seriously hurting. waterbottles, hot baths, lots of sleep, good books & audrey have been helping pass the time.

food has been on my mind since this weekend too for some reason. maybe its the pain that's making me want soup, chocolate & warm burritos? well anyway--i seem to be noticing food everywhere at the moment including some of my favorite blogs. check out these beautiful blogs & see if afterwards you aren't a tiny bit hungry.

101 cookbooks

snippets of life

simply breakfast

pioneer woman cooks!

the habit of being


Carolyn said...

Thanks for the links. I love cooking and getting new ideas for my family. Our garden is really getting into full swing now, so it's been fun reaping the benefits.

enickel said...

I love the pioneer woman site. She is great. I need a garden, good for you guys.

sherrie said...

oh wow those websites make me not just hungry, but starving! yummers. those are some great websites i'll have to look at them more when i'm not so hungry ;)

Krista said...

Have you been to Food Beam yet? That's one of my favorites. Beautiful photos, great text and recipes.

christine said...

Thanks so much Krista---I've bookmarked foodbeam.com! You are right--beautiful stuff!