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hey all you crafty, creative people! don't you feel lucky today cause i'm giving away some free stuff just for you! i was cleaning out my scrapbooking materials as part of my recent quest to de-clutter my life & decided to get rid of some craft paper, die cuts & stickers that i just don't want/like anymore. i figure what one person hates is another persons treasure eh? this and at the moment i'm in serious need of good karma so what the heck! so if you are interested in the below---leave a comment and tell me why you enjoy art/crafts/being creative. deadline for entries is 9 a.m. {pacific time, 5 p.m. in london} on thursday 7 August {next week} & a randomly picked winner will be announced later that day or fri.

sorry about the rubbish picture--i'm in serious need of a new camera at the moment. if you double click you may be able to see things better. if it helps this is what's enclosed:

die cuts: 1 blue helicopter, 1 brown baseball mitt, 1 brown football, 1 green truck, 1 gray football helmet, 1 brown teddy bear

paper: 2 springtime bunny w/pot, 1 light orange, 1 dark orange, 1 brown, 1 blue, 1 light green, 1 yellow, 1 dark green, 1 angel w/blue country stitched border, 1 w/ plane, train & automobile, 1 beach scene, 1 w/camera roll, 1 sunny days with sun, bees and picket fence, 1 country stitching on cream checkered background, 1 bunnies, bees & butterflies repeated pattern, 1 fruit pattern & 1 carrot pattern {18 pieces in total}

plus some left over travel stickers for the heck of it.

good luck!

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jeanne winters said...

Hey - Love that you went for it with your bold move! I adore London, but have never lived there. Continue to enjoy!
I love being creative because it's part of who I am and when I get to express it, it gives me joy!