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what i love about things that are homemade is how they almost 'draw' you in with the collective love & energy put into their creation. there's a story behind each & they speak to the part of us that's perfection & complete stillness. to me-this is what art is & i'm grateful that others share a little bit of themselves in their work so people like me can be inspired to 'create' too. So here's a few pieces of 'absolute harmony & grace' i've stumbled upon recently:

photos by tara whitney

the photos by tara whitney are just fabulous and complete scream of personality, character & life. i like how she does the whole traditional portrait thing in a untraditional way. its easy to get lost in looking at her portfolio & i'm amazed about how someone can think of the shots she does. i only wish she didn't live across the world so i could have her come to my house!

(the above artwork by E. Falconbridge is available here}

i've mentioned how much i absolutely love emily falconbridge's blog {*e*} in previous posts, but she's recently started selling her artwork in her etsy shop. how gorgeous is the above? i love how she mixes & matches mediums. as soon as i've saved a few pennies i'm seriously buying one of these babies as its just completely fuses with my personality {& my living room}. you should also check out in her shop what she can do with a camera strap--who would have ever thought?

{photo by marta designs, products available here}

again, i know i've mentioned marta from marta.writes recently as well. its just i'm consistently inspired with her sense of style, her creativity & what she can do with paper. i would love to someday make my own journals & cards like she does. she's just one seriously talented cookie.

drawing by stephen w. taken via the telegraph

stephen wiltshire- you've got to see his drawings of landmarks. this guy {nick name 'the human camera'} draws in exact detail from memory places he's seen & they are incredible. he's one of only a few that are considered 'autistic' savants in the world. i saw a documentary on him a while back & since then i've popped in to look at his work every now & then. you may not be able to afford his 'original' work just yet, but its still inspiring to look at in the meantime.

image available here

i love the vintage feel of these handmade frames from obrien & schridde. i randomly saw these frames surfing the other day & thought they were absolutely an utter delight.


enickel said...

I was just catching up on your blog and these artist are wonderful. It is fun to see what you will post next. They are always so interesting and different.

Liz said...

Love the little elephant...but I am on a strict budget right now.

Oh well, looking at the picture makes me happy!

sherrie said...

i enjoy tara whitney's photography as well. i'm also lovin' those prints from marta designs.