kew gardens

the english sure know how to do their parks & gardens. london may be a huge city but you can easily find several places to unwind & commune with nature. kew gardens is definitely one of these places to escape from it all & the weather this weekend provided the perfect opportunity for us to pop over to richmond-upon-thames {sw london} and check out these botanical gardens for the first time. for £13 you get 300 acres of solitude filled with every type of plant imaginable from all parts of the globe. kew gardens is reknowned for their conservation work & their love of the environment which is obvious from all their business practices down to the loos, cafe's & even their gift shops.

kew gardens houses some of the oldest & largest remaining victorian glass houses. the above picture i took was my favorite & definitely one of the more iconic images of kew. when you walk in to the glass house, its obviously a 'green house' & is humid but i found it oddly relaxing smelling the various greenery & plants.

even with the 3 hours we spent we didn't manage to see everything. if you want to see the whole thing, its definitely an entire day excursion. there's loads of activities for all ages & the gardens are big enough you can easily bring a picnic and find a secluded area to enjoy lunch. out of what we did see today my favorite parts were the waterlily house {see above} & the treetop walkway {see my flickr photos in sidebar}. they were absolutely amazing!

kew gardens is one of the most beautiful places i've seen within london. not many tourists make it out to richmond, but if you come and visit & have a day to kill i guarantee you'll love this place like we did!

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Carly said...

rad. definitely going to put that down on my list.