t.v. swapping across the pond

don't watch television much but because of our lovely satellite dish {only way to get more than 4 channels in this country} when i do i have a wide array of shows both american & english to choose from. it wasn't until i moved here though that i started noticing how much both sides of the atlantic rip of show ideas/concepts from each other. you may find it interesting the following lists:

us show { originated in uk}

american idol, {pop idol} -both have simon cowell
the office: an american workplace, {the office} -both ricky gervais produced
dancing w/the stars, {strictly come dancing}
whose line is it anyway?, {whose line is it anyway?}
supernanny us, {supernanny}- both have jo frost
who wants to be a millionaire, {who wants to be a millionaire}
the weakest link, {the weakest link}-- same host
wife swap: trading spouses, {wife swap}
the muppet show, {the muppet show} --originally produced in the uk
baby borrowers, {baby borrowers}
bob the builder, {bob the builder}
teletubbies, {teletubbies}
honey we're killing the kids, {honey we're killing the kids}
antiques roadshow, {antiques roadshow}
brat camp, {brat camp}
faking it, {faking it}
sanford & son, {steptoe & son}
three's company, {man about the house}
welcome back kotter, {please sir}
all in the family, {till death do us part}
how to look good naked, {how to look good naked}

more can be found here

uk show {originated in US}
wheel of fortune, {wheel of fortune}
gladiators, {american gladiators}
saturday live, {saturday night live}
this is your life, {this is your life}
the upper hand, {who's the boss?}
the apprentice, {the apprentice}
queer eye for the straight guy uk, {queer eye}
the brighton belles, {the golden girls}
days like these, {that 70's show}
loved by you, {mad about you}
married for life, {married w/children}
family fortunes, {family feud}
the price is right, {the price is right}

more can be found

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sherrie said...

there are a lot of things on your list i didn't know about...interesting