petits trésors

i had the best of luck shopping in paris this weekend. the theme for my 'finds' seemed to be little treasures {or should i say petits trésors en francais} and from the pictures you'll see why!

i've never seen such detailed and beautiful die-cuts before. i'd be afraid to use them in any crafts for fear of ruining them!

there are 25 of these petit little story books, each hand illustrated by the artist elisabeth ivanovsky.

j'adore the madeline books and it seems even more scrumptious in french! don't you love the illustrations?

if you can believe i found all of the above--- the die cuts, madeline book and mini stories all from the musee d'orsay gift shop? never underestimate where you may find things!

i found a collection of amazing vintage hand drawn postcards from marché aux puces de st-ouen in the antique market. these two are just a few that i'm going to keep & frame--the rest i'm going to hopefully get onto a new etsy shop sometime soon. the postcards all are early 1900's french {obviously} and are in my opinion adorable works of art.

you can see how much detail went into this when you look at it up close! i love the color and how their eyes are so permeating!


sherrie said...

those are great treasures! i need to go to paris and find me some. i especially like the madeline books.

Carolyn said...

Wow, you got some great finds! I'd love to go to Paris someday.

sterfryiv said...

I agree with Sherrie. The Madeline books are wonderful, and I'm sure they are better in French. I love the illustrations. They look like they were very fun to draw.