here you go carly:

i am: christine.
i think: way too much.
i know: a lot more than i give myself credit for.
I want: to be healthy & financial independent.
I have: many blessings.
I dislike: london weather.
i miss: america.
i fear: failure.
i feel: relaxed & at peace right now.
i hear: pachabel's canon & james ironing.
i smell: orange & cinnamon incense.
i crave: water & chocolate.
i cry: during meditation, soppy t.v. or movies.
i usually: go to bed by 11pm.
i search: constantly for ways to make myself and the world better.
i wonder: what life has in store for us.
i regret: worrying so much in college.
i love: lots of things including james.
i care: too much sometimes.
i always: want to know more about other people's lives.
i worry: about my career.
i am not: very athletically coordinated.
i remember: random things.
i believe: that its the journey that counts.
i sing: in the shower.
i don't always: wear makeup.
i argue: too much.
i write: in my journal nearly every day.
i win: at battleship.
i lose: at chess.
i wish: i would be nicer to myself.
i listen: always.
i can usually be found: in greenwich or blackheath village.
i am scared: of turning into my parents.
i need: quiet time.
i forget: silly things.
i am happy: generally.

i tag: carolyn & rebecca


Lori Ann said...

This was fun! I too always lose at chess which is sad cause Francois loves to play but I'm a poor sport about losing all the time. Isn't everyone afraid of turning into their parents?

enickel said...

That was a good one. I love battleship! Great to chat with you the other day!