'girly time' courtesy of disney 1946

i saw this video blog surfing the other day & thought it was 'interesting'. i had no idea disney did a video on menstruation. although it seems slightly long in parts, its a lot better than the ' creepy filmstrip' i had in elementary school. i remember having to go with my mother at night back to school to watch it---none of the girls wanted to be there. i would have much rather had this film or my mum explain things than having to be told by some random science teacher what was happening with my body. anyway, i'd be interested to know how the rest of you girls out there were told about that 'special time'.


enickel said...

My parents took me to dinner and told me all about it. I was fine with it. Especially since I had two older sisters who already had "the talk" so I knew what was coming. My oldest sister got a book from my parents and we would giggle and look at the pictures.

Celestia said...

Nice video, Yeah that would have been nice to watch at the appropriate time. Being the oldest daughter, I think my parents weren't sure how to act and kind of winged it, with this video they wouldn't have to say much else.