i heart cookbooks

i counted 11 cookbooks {not included my binder full of loose recipes from magazines, etc} in my pantry this morning. they fill up almost an entire shelf dedicated to trying to eat & live a healthy life. most of my diet is vegetarian but when we do have meat we go to great lengths to ensure that its free range/organic & the fish is from a sustainable source. all of this effort makes it interesting to shop---we get our staples from one store, our meat, fish & eggs from another & any vitamins or speciality items from either our local health food shop in greenwich or whole foods {called fresh & wild here} in the city. we also occasionally go to amazing local markets like borough market in london bridge to try to add variety to our fruits & vegetables & we bring home good quality olive oils & even herbal/green teas from our trips abroad.

most of my cookbooks are mediterranean or asian based. i've tried to teach myself a lot about nutrition & based on studies these diets are the healthiest. we occasionally make our own american, british & mexican food, but try to replace ingredients with healthy alternatives.

i believe food is essential as a 'basic' in every day living. if you feed your body well first you are creating the foundation for living your best life. what good is spending all of your money on clothes, houses, etc when the most important thing 'you' is not getting the fuel it needs. if money is tight or times are stressful people usually scrimp on the food---my reasoning is aren't these times when the body needs healthy food the most??

my change in diet above i credit to loosing nearly 40 lbs & 10" of my waist. i still have another 40 or so to go which will come w/exercise but i'm making progress frustratingly s-l-o-w-l-y. i figure the slower the better in some ways because it will help me fix the reasons behind why i'm overweight in the first place, thus keeping it off forever.

so just to share these are the most 'used' & 'abused' cookbooks in our house:

love jamie oliver & especially what he did for with his healthy eating campaign here in britain. this books is fantastic, loads of recipes for every occasion. one of my favorite recipes in here is his lentils & organic sausages recipe-----mmmm!

this one is great and does highlights of recipes from all of the mediterranean countries. my favorite is stuffed bell peppers.

sometimes gordon's ingredients can be hard to find but they are still fantastic. i love his duck stir fry recipe i found in here.

at first the whole puree thing seemed a pain, but i like the idea of stuffing extra veggies into your food. i actually really like the deserts section the most from here {hello, the oatmeal cookies???}.

ok this one i'm slightly cheating because i don't actually physically 'own' this book. however, i almost daily check the authors blog {101 cookbooks} which the book is based on. i've mentioned this blog in a post before & its a-m-a-z-ing---i just love it. who knows if i'll ever buy the book when i can just print off her recipes from her site but in the mean time i'm always interested what healthy recipe she'll come up with next.

so just curious---what are your favorite cookbooks?

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Sandra said...

Yes, I agree with you - about losing weight - slower, the better (and healthier, of course).

Lori Ann said...

I too love cookbooks, I have way too many but I can't bring myself to get rid of any of them. The ones I use most often are probably the Taste of Home Annual Recipe books (I have a few) and the Murtaugh cookbook from a small little town in Idaho where my Grandma lives. It's older so it has some funky ingredients, there is one recipe that calls for lard (I've never tried it), but it also has some great home cooking recipes too.