jewels in my junkmail

so, i'm into this whole vintage thing right--well who would have known that i would have found such vintage inspired jewels from a mail order catalog? most junkmail in our house gets tossed in our recycling bin as rubbish, but i was pleasantly surprised by what a random company i'd never heard of {based in london}--pl├╝mo had to offer. check out my absolute favorite things from them:

i adore soft things & this mohair blanket just screams insanely soft & warm.

can't believe christmas is just around the corner {eck}, but how great would these be to hang up this festive season?

this color makes me think of summertime peaches & how cute are the buttons???

i knew this place was a keeper when i saw this little black vintage 'audrey' dress. i thought the marlon brando print in the background was fitting too.

well for now {*sigh*} all these are going to be filed under 'in my dreams'. i'm keeping my little catalogue for future though & hopefully one day when i get a bit o' cash i can splurge!

images via plumo.com


Carly said...

seriously. how darling is that peach number?

sherrie said...

i love the classic black. every girl needs one right?