on my mind

1. Valley Presbyterian Hospital - Emergency Room Sign, 2. School Buses, 3. Sparkling rain in the city of Champagne, 4. Senator Barack Obama, 5. Tadasana (mountain pose), 6. Money, 7. hope over fear, 8. Whistle Job Uncertainty 03-07, 9. the accidental bokeh heart.

i've had quite a bit on my mind these last few months . my apologies if i haven't completely shared with you absolutely everything, its just i'm not the best with communicating what's in my head sometimes. thus, the collage above is kind of a representation of what i've been thinking about or what's been occupying my time. i think pictures say it better don't you? i'm ok though & my heart is filled with gratitude for all the strength i seem to have been given. so here's a few things i've been grateful for recently:

- free healthcare
- having a great doctor in the E.R. this weekend, who took the time to listen to me & was the first to make some real connections about what may be going on with my health.
- an appointment this week with specialist number 4.
- yoga & meditation for the food they bring to my soul.
- the chance to take another class, this time online with berklee college of music.
- james
- absentee ballots
- learning to trust in the universe even in uncertainty.
- hope & the power of positive thinking
- living so close to such beautiful parks.


Lori Ann said...

Good luck with the specialist. I'll be thinking of you, and sending out positive thoughts to the universe.

enickel said...

Ya, good luck this week. I loved those vintage ads by the way. :)

Carly said...

You are allowed to unload...that is what blogs are for. I love reading your blog, your writing is beautiful and I am sure that you are too.