politics, expats & a global voice

when you move abroad, its impossible to not have your opinion of the world change. before i moved here, i didn't care about politics or anything besides what was happening in my own little life. living here in a city that over 135 languages are spoken, traveling extensively and chatting to people from all over the world and even the way the news channels present over here you really begin to understand the bigger picture. there's other people that live on this planet & everything we do, every choice we make {down to our grocery shopping} will affect someone somewhere either in positive or negative manner. whether you may agree with me or not, i personally feel like for the last eight years the choices made by some leaders of the free world have made a radically negative impact. i don't think some realized what the long term implications would be, but i still find it amazing how choices whether it be on wall street, military action or even choosing 'paper or plastic' at the store can affect not only life at home but across the world.

all of the above is one of many reasons why for the first time in my life i've tried to take an interest in politics {first time i ever voted was in 04}. i believe keeping informed is a moral responsibility for everyone & voting is a huge opportunity to have your voice heard. too many people {i used to be one} are complacent & just dont care. they then complain about how their life is when they had the opportunity to change it? it doesn't make sense now to look back at how i used to think.

having an opportunity to have my voice heard even though i'm overseas is a blessing. i vote in elections back home via absentee ballot. there's 2.5 million eligible american voters overseas & there's been a huge push this election season in particular to get us registered and voting from abroad. i think its amazing that although we're far from home we can still do this. heck, 2.5 million that could easily decide an election if you think about it eh?

i've had a chance to help out with this push recently to get people registered & voting as well. for the first time in my life i started volunteering my time for a political campaign helping register american voters & canvassing across london {funny enough, i'm also now a 'zone captain' for greenwich}. its been heartwarming the response from the brits & other locals who are so incredibly desperate for change. we even had an italian beg to give money to our campaign & unfortunately had to tell him we couldn't accept it!

in the end no matter what party you support, i'm so grateful that we have that voice no matter where you are in the world to put people in office that will make our world better for our children's children.

Dont forget to register to vote.
If you live abroad register at votefromabroad.org.