prime time family

i've mentioned on here before that i don't see much of my family. since 2001, i've been home twice & my parents have come to england once. its not a great average i know & i frequently find myself having to justify this number to anyone who finds out. the truth of the matter is-- its complicated. no i'm not 'the angry one' out of the family & no i dont despise them its just if you had the choice of spending three weeks on a beach in thailand or one week running grocery errands down to albertsons with your parents what would you choose?

over the years whenever i've had any money other things have just come my way--like trips to rome or venice or egypt. i've taken these opportunities up because i don't know long i'll have them & i want to see the world while i can. unfortunately these opportunities have meant there hasn't been the 800£ {1600$} leftover for flights to america. it would be easier & cheaper if my family lived on the east coast, but nope---they live near seattle in a state completely across the country! so i have to choose one flight for 800£ or one three week vacation for £1100.

money {or lack of} is obviously the main reason i don't get to the other side of the world but its hard not to feel guilty as heck for spending a weekend in rome instead of going to your grandmothers funeral. i am hoping though at the pearly gates that st peter will be understanding and cut me a bit of slack on this one---i mean i did light a candle for her on the day of the funeral inside the vatican!

as a consolation prize, i am pretty lucky to have 3p (5cents) a minute international phone rates to America--heck i remember i was pretty excited once to get 10 cents a minute long distance with AT&T, so 5 cents is a freakin god send! i phone whenever i can and try to find out as much gossip about whatever's happening with whoever. they think its funny that i ask about the mundane things like what did you do yesterday---but to me its great hearing about how my niece is talking now or even that my parents just pulled weeds all day in the yard---it makes me somehow feel like i'm a part of their lives.

i've also been pretty excited cause the last year or so although they can be pretty rubbish at e-mailing my brother and sister have finally joined the technological age. my sister is on facebook& myspace & my brother does an online photo gallery 'thingy'. i got to see what my sister looked like pregnant, my dad smiling while chasing after my niece, family bbq's and my brothers first wedding anniversary. it is weird seeing these things from a distance though, i feel like i'm watching some family i don't know on the 'tv'. its like secretly watching episodes of americas next top model or something. its a bit embarassing to admit you find it interesting and you're afraid that if you stop watching it will be cancelled for low ratings. but, heck you don't know what you'd do without these episodes as your thursday nights would never be the same.

anyway, james and i are hoping to finally get over there for easter in 09---but until then i'll just tune into one of the best shows on television:

'the family'

{back- dad, sister, family friend, niece, mum
front-brother in law, brother, sister in law}


the all american dad

the smiling mum

the newlyweds

the sister

and of course, 'the baby'


enickel said...

Gorgeous baby! She is so precious. It would be worth the trip to squeeze her. I hope you do get back there for Easter. Will this be James first trip to the USA? Do you plan on living in Europe the rest of your life? I thought it was you in the picture, you and your sister look a lot alike. Thanks for sharing.

Joanne Brown said...

What a gorgeous family! And that baby is just too cute :) I also missed my grandma's funeral cos I was in the States and they were in England! So opposite way round from you!! I've been back in England for 12 years and have only seen the majority of my friends once (when I went back to Utah in 2005) apart from one friend who came here in 2001. But because we all have blogs/websites it's so much easier to keep in touch and feel part of their lives. So I understand what you mean. Don't feel guilty about your travel choices. You just have to do what you can!

Carly said...

I'm pretty sure your grandma would have done the same thing.

Jess said...

Very lovely family. I'm not sure if Scott or Miranda would remember me, but we ran around in the same social circles when I moved there (as a teenager). Your niece is adorable. Here's my solution to your travel woes...work for the airlines! How nice would that be to get free or discounted flights? I'm sure your family understands.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Love the family! Love the world-travelling lady! (Janene tells me your dad is mellowing out a little!)

Aunt Gail