around the house

our place is small but we have managed to fill it with treasures we've collected over time from here in england & across the world. our things have a real eclectic feel to them and i think they really represent what we love. here are a few of my favorite things around the house:

necessary with english weather--this is my favorite afghan from 'zara'

a wall hanging from thailand

i have about 10 bears from across the world--any guess where this one's from?

photo albums are every where. even with our digital camera we still print them out. we love the organic feel of pictures.

our walls are filled with a lot of art. the top is an original watercolor from Paris, the bottom--a vintage ad poster from Paris

love plants & nature. we have a lot of house plants & try to have fresh flowers when we can afford it.

love beautiful & unique frames and our place is filled with pictures reminding us of places & those special times.

love of vintage things--thus antiques. the vase is 19th century from paris, the delft tile is from belgium and is 18th century.

james got me into reading. we get rid of a lot of books after reading, but keep our favorites. these are just a few that have made the cut.

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Celestia said...

I remember your souvenirs when I came to visit you and your beautiful pictures. It really inspired me to travel more. Remember we had that discussion about having so many things in common, one big one is the traveling passion.