everyday should be like 'annie'

my 2nd favorite film of all time next to breakfast at tiffany's is annie the musical. the 1982 version was the very first film i ever saw at the cinema. my grandmother took me, she snuck in cupcakes and it was one of the most enjoyable two hour memories of my youth. i loved the songs, the dancing and the fact i could escape to where days were filled with music and everything in the end turned out just fine. i've seen the film probably about 50 times {every time i watch it i still get goosebumps}, there's been several attempts at 'remakes' but nothing touches the original:

screenshots from here

why aren't movies like this anymore--so innocent but yet so wonderful? maybe that's why i'm drawn to the older flicks because they had to rely completely on 'story' and no special effects. there's just something so organic about movies like this and i love it. either this or i secretly want everyday filled with music and dancing.


Elizabeth C said...

I LOVE THIS MOVIE TOO! I know every word, and it is definitely one of my fave movies from all time also. I also love old movies!! If life were like a musical...that would be cool I agree.

Lori Ann said...

Oh, I love Annie. When I was little my mom made me the red dress and got me a curly red wig and I was Annie for Halloween. I thought I was so cool when someone came and asked me to sing "Tomorrow." I even had a stuffed Sandy to carry around with me. Thanks for the good memories.