halloween martha style

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in the last few years i've explored martha stewarts website more. i think it comes with getting older and because i'm a girl i feel like i should at least attempt at doing the homemaker thing {even though i'm not a 'wife' still & i'm childless}. martha epitomizes this ideal plus i adore her creativity. i have to admit though i don't know sometimes how people can have the time or the patience to do some of her suggestions.

yes halloween is celebrated here but not on the scale it is in america {although its really growing every year}. for some in mainland europe halloween is merely an excuse to party before the religious holiday 'all saints day'. i remember one halloween i was in florence, italy by myself seeing little italian kids all dressed up trick or treating next to the pont d'vecchio bridge. everything was closed the next day much to my annoyance as it was my only day i was going to see the town of pisa. it was still gloriously fun. in england over the years, i've seen more and more children taking an interest in this holiday having parties and dressing up. treats like bat shaped nacho chips and costumes are turning up in stores too. its been great for me to see because it takes the edge off of my homesickness. believe it or not--i do miss little things like passing out treats to random strangers and gorging on sugar laden candies.

so-----this year we've decided to actually celebrate and throw a little party. sure it will just be a party of 'two', but we're planning on getting the old sia halloween decorations out, renting some classic spooky movies like 'the birds' or 'the creature from the blue lagoon' and enjoying some lovely food with a bit of help from martha. here's what's on the menu for tomorrow night:

chicken enchiladas
corn chips, salsa & guacamole
devilish eggs
hummus topped w/olive oil & cumin & toasted warm pitta bread
toffee popcorn for the movie
evil pumpkin swirl brownies {i'm on a chocolate & brownie craze if you can't tell}

i don't think i'll do the pumpkin carving thing this year as i don't have the patience and i'd much rather keep my pumpkins to 'eat' them. although i admire the artwork that goes into jack-o-lanterns {hello the above picture}, to me it just seems weird playing with your food.

have a very happy & warm day tomorrow.


Jess said...

Those pumpkins are so exquisite and intricate. Your menu sounds yummy...especially the hummus and toffee popcorn.

ScottandSukwan said...

Scott wanted toffee popcorn on Halloween too but we changed last minute to chocolate chip walnut cookies (using half whole wheat). Halloween is such a fun holiday... glad to hear they are celebrating it over there too. Today we got a treat bag that had jolly ranchers in it... how fitting!

James said...

hmm chicken enchalada's SPICEY but devine. You have also converted me to liking pumpkin too!!!!