keep calm and carry on

the first i heard of these posters was yesterday when in the mail i got a random mail order catalogue advertising stuff to buy that you can't find on the high street shops. it caught my eye because of its relevance to today and all of the uneasiness we're all feeling {me included} about the economy and everything.

the quick story about the posters is that they were created in england during world war II when it was expected that they'd be attacked quite heavily by the germans. the posters were intended as a message of reassurance from the king to his people for the dark days that lay ahead. to read more about the history click here.

original version

(image source)

i know that we're not on the verge of another world war but its understandable that people are still 'nervous' about everything. in these circumstances however all you really can do is exactly like the poster says,

'keep calm and carry on'

i just love, love, love this message--so simple but yet so poignant. maybe there should be a mass printing absolutely everywhere to remind people of this and to not panic? a positive message sure wouldn't go amiss for once right now!

current version

(image source)

apparently the posters have become quite popular due to a lovely blogger in san francisco. here's her blog post about the posters and you can order copies off her etsy link.


American Mom In London said...

Oh my goodness! I L-O-V-E that print. Thanks for the tip on the great online shop.


christine said...

I agree american mom!