october plenty

the english sure love their traditions. yesterday in the pouring rain we went to 'october plenty' . its an autumn harvest celebration held every year around shakespeare's globe & borough market. its a mixture of ancient seasonal customs & theatre with a contemporary twist and its free to the public. this year it was held in conjunction with borough markets, 'apple day'.

it started off with a processional, featuring peddlers {selling things from the 'harvest'--but they were mostly selling programs and cookies}, musicians, play horses and dancers and people in costumes representing the animals. Here are pictures of the berry man and the corn queen.

we then moved inside shakespeare's globe theatre {which is currently under construction, but still cool anyway}, where they entertained us with singing and a quick taster of one of chaucer's canterbury tales {i've seen his original hard copy at an exhibition}. it was wet and cold, but still a delight:

we then followed the processional to borough market through the streets, where they continued their performances next to the stalls. the stalls had their usual fayre, but most were selling things 'apple' related. there was even apple bobbing:

we managed to warm our spirits at the end with a cup of warm apple cider. To remember our day, we also bought some fresh english apples and a glorious apple pie to take home with us.

that said the apple pie is over half gone already. we bought some free range lamb pot pies from the market too and had them with mash for an early dinner. we had a glorious piece of warm pie for desert with a great big dollop of organic vanilla ice cream on top. a perfect meal for a wet and cold autumn day especially after such a glorious celebration of the harvest season.


Lori Ann said...

That looks like so much fun. I love warm apple cider on a chilly fall day.

enickel said...

Apple cider is the best. I made some last weekend and was drinking it all week. The festival looks like a blast!