random things

i've been quite busy recently with random 'life' things. it's good for the 'ole' spirits and helps pass the time i guess. i can't believe its october though--christmas stuff is already in the shops and we've had to turn on the heaters. sheesh, i'm not ready for winter! anyway here are a few things we've been up to recently:
  • i'm taking an online music business class through berklee {in the us} in hopes it will improve my job prospects.
  • lots and lots of interviews for both james & i. james is applying to work up the career ladder in a higher paid job, me i'm just trying to get a career first. *sigh*
  • constantly applying for work &/or internship opportunities.
  • campaigning a lot for the obama campaign here in london. our team {that i'm a part of} in borough market last week was filmed for the cbc {canada}, other teams have been featured by cbs & nbc.
here's the link for our news feature, the piece is about 5 minutes long and at the end you'll notice me in the blue {eek, the camera can really bring out the insecurities about your personal appearance}. i wasn't expecting to be on there as much as i was, but oh well all in good fun!!!!

  • lots of doctors appointments for health issues for us both. james is the only one that seems to be getting answers though. i'm not giving up hope!
  • speaking of health, still going strong with acupuncture. may be finishing soon with this as i'm making progress!
  • trying to eat well & exercise. every week seems to be filled with pilates, yoga or running. eating well seems to be getting more and more difficult with all of the economic stuff going on.
  • endless cleaning---we have no dishwasher due to space so it seems like i spend all my time washing dishes or picking up something!
  • trying to keep our stress down through daily meditation, keeping gratitude journals, etc.
  • trying to get care packages for christmas sorted for our friends at gan sabra in india.
  • trying to work in fun things for the weekends--in a few weeks we have an annie liebovitz exhibition at the end of october, this weekend {the movies}
so nothing exciting as you can see, just the daily grind!

to close--here's a completely random picture for you:

i happened to have my camera with me in blackheath the other day and a little pond had like a random flock of swans just taking it easy. you see swans a lot this time of year in england but i haven't seen this many in one place. i definitely don't mind though!


Celestia said...

I haven't blogged in forever, so I am catching up now on your life. That was a great video of you, did you lose weight? You look great! I love those pictures of the swans! It reminds me of my first video project at AIU, I was at a park in London and I was filming the swans because they are so beautiful...Now you've gone and made me miss London! I do have a lot of good memories there. Enjoy it Lucky girl!

Celestia said...

About the Health Issues- Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked? Living in London, with less sun, it can be affected. My levels were low and now I am taking 50000 international units per week prescription(normal dose is about 400 iu a day)and I seriously haven't felt this much energy and memory power in years!!(they think too little Vit D can eventually cause diseases like M.S.)

Lori Ann said...

Glad that you've been busy. This year has been speeding by. Good luck with the music class, what career is it that you're shooting for? Good luck to James with the hope of a promotion. You looked great in the news feature, isn't it interesting how we perceive ourselves differently than others might? And oh, how grateful I am for my dishwasher. We haven't always had one, and I remember the days of constant dishwashing (or so it seems). The swans are beautiful, I haven't ever seen that many in one spot before. Thanks!

Joanne Brown said...

Hi Christine - just to let you know that you've been tagged :) check out my blog!

christine said...

celestia---yep take vitamin D and have a very good multi-vitamin. My issues are gynaelogical though and I'm having pain where I shouldn't.

Lori--would love to do a career in music, but don't know if it will work.

Joanne--thanks for tagging me. Once I get around to it I'll respond.