a walk in the park

i'll never understand the weather in this country. we've had more clear/warm days this autumn than all of summer. so we went for a walk, a 4 hour walk through all of blackheath & greenwich including parts of the park we haven't been to in a while. here are a few pics i took from our day, please check flickr photos in my sidebar for more 'lovelies':

in greenwich park there is a huge herd of deer in a reserve. aren't they beautiful?

holly grows like weeds in this country. I love how this pic caught the water, beautiful eh?

funny place as it doesn't sell tea. it basically has sandwiches & snacks right in the middle of the park. its still glorious though to sit just outside looking out over the city muching on homemade icecream.


Rebecca said...

I think it's so magical you live in England. You live vicariously through me for my Cats, I live vicariously through you for England(or basically Europe). I love your pics!

Elizabeth C said...

Those are beautiful pictures and thoughts.